Design automation  

What do we mean by Design Automation....

Design Automation includes all aspects of controlling the engineering discipline, from specification collection, through to outputting Bills of materials to your MRP system, detail drawings, GA's and mass properties info.

The techniques we use to automate the deliverables and reduce the time taken for GA creation was from 2 Hours to 5 minutes. 

Auto-Proe is a new software package developed by Haydndesign to allow for customising and automating the standard design process.

What does it do?

By using a configurable GUI Auto-Proe can be tailored to your companies product line.

Using Pro/ENGINEER as the geometry and documentation engine your production requirements can be automated.

Your companies IP can be contained in a configuration file that stores the ‘rules’ that define your products specification, to aid the input of the data.

Auto-Proe can be further tailored to control your production process, with specific outputs to MRP, Excel or documentation requirements, i.e. PDF.

What can we deliver

Using the automation tools within Pro/E we can create standalone specification interfaces which can be linked to Pro/E to generate all the documentation directly, to feed into manufacture.

Not many engineers have worked with the Pro/Program functionality even though it has been in ProE for the beginning, so we provide training on how to configure your models and process to allow you to take advantage of the generic functionality inherent within ProE and Creo.

Many manufacturing companies have standard ranges with many options, these are ideal for automating.

Let us quote for your design to be automated, what ever your current system of documenting your designs. 

Haydndesign can provide the Pro/E software engine and the necessary software and essential engineering skills to develop a new more efficient process. 

"Keep ahead and stay there, automate your design process..."

"Think, for a moment, you have been automating  your manufacturing processes for years"





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