Design Detail  

Quality 2D documentation is required to document all designs, whether full detail drawings, or inspection prints for CAM generated production parts highlighting key tolerances, surface finishes etc.

At Haydndesign we work to BS8888 or your company specific drawing office standards to generate quality documentation to support your product introduction. 

  • Quality detail drawings of castings, sheet-metal, machined, moulded components utilising geometric tolerances, full tolerance analysis and reporting, to enable a quality build. 

  • Full liaison with your chosen manufacturer or one of our quality suppliers with documented reviews, considering design for manufacture, design for assembly etc.

  • Production drawings for companies without their own CAD resource, held in secure storage and and under full modification control.

  • Assembly documentation also catered for allowing step by step assembly instructions.

  • PDF creation, complete with a 3D model of the part for manufacture, typically a 'STEP' file.

  • Edrawings are used to allow clients to interrogate designs during the design phase, allowing measuring, cross-sections, and BOM reviews.


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