Quicksilver World water speed record attempt (2000-)  

Haydndesign is making an important contribution to Britainís bid to recapture the World Water Speed Record.

The record has been held by Australia since 1978 and stands at 317.6 mph. Britainís contender, Quicksilver, is a four-point hydroplane powered by a Rolls-Royce Spey turbofan engine, driven by team leader Nigel Macknight.   

We are playing a leading role in the design of the sponson-arms for Quicksilver. These are the horizontal aluminium struts which join the stabilising floats (sponsons) to the craftís main hull structure. The struts must be extremely strong and rigid, yet lightweight, and they have an aerodynamically tailored outer skin. 

At an earlier stage in the Quicksilver project, Haydndesign undertook the detailing of the main hull space-frame in ProE to facilitate further design work, mass calcs and structural analysis. 

We will be providing periodic updates on our work on Quicksilver as it develops, so look out for more information and illustrations on this website shortly!



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